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9 Things To Note When Optimizing Landing Page
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Almost every e-commerce website has a landing page, it is the web page which is first seen upon clicking links from other websites, banners, or ads. Basically one must optimize this page because it has the unique ability to turn a plain visitor to a customer or a customer to just a plain visitor, depending on how well it is optimized. Obviously we want to convert every visitor to become a customer because it will surely increase our income. Optimizing or Optimization is the process that makes something to perform in its full potential, or 100% effectiveness. By saying you have an optimized Landing Page, it means you have a Landing Page which can convert any visitor into a potential customer and we all know that Customers are the heart of every business, and Customers equates to income.

Here is a list of tips which will help you Optimize your Landing Page:

Knowing who your visitors are
It is very important to first know who are the ones visiting your site, put yourself in their place, understand their needs/desires, fears/concerns, and motivations. Take time to evaluate and understand them all, then device a plan in order to deal with these factors and make sure that everyone finds out what they are looking for on your site.

What sets you apart from any other products available in the market
( your product/service weakness and strengths )
It certainly is a bad habit to badmouth your competitors, but in a competitive market you can always point out the difference and strengths of your product against any other existing products available in the market. Here are some questions that can help you in doing so:

1. Why should your customers choose your product or service?
2. Why should your customers choose your company over other companies?
3. What are the top five reasons that cause your customers to buy your product or service?
4. What are the top five reasons which stop customers from buying your product or service?
5. How much money are customers willing to spend in a single purchase?
6. What timeframe does it usually take for a customer to place an order?
7. Is your product easy to explain and use or is it complex?

Choosing the right Color Scheme and Images

Appearance is always a big factor in almost anything, so in your Landing Page it is wise and effective to maintain a Color Scheme which will be visible in the majority of your Ads, Banners, and your Web Site itself. Most people disregard the URL and just mermorizes the Color pattern seen on an Ad they clicked which causes them to leave immediately if they were redirected to a website with a different Color pattern. Images and overall Design also play a big role, having a good appealing website also attracts or even makes every visitor stay a little longer thus allowing them to browse more of your websites content.

Make sure that your visitors find what they are looking for

Reputation is earned, and making sure that every visitor that goes to your site leaves happily and contented will surely improve your Reputation. Avoid misleading contents, and make sure that you comply with their demand in the shortest time and hassle free as possible. Most visitors are not patient enough to search for everything on your site, so it is your duty to make sure that the information they are looking is available for them in an instant.


This is quite similar to the Color Scheme principle. Basically when a customer clicks a Vacuum Cleaner Ad having a Tall Brunette model holding the Vacuum Cleaner that visitor expects to see the same Tall Brunette model holding the Vacuum Cleaner on the Landing Page he/she gets redirected to.

Simple and Clean

Do not crowd your website with too much banners and ads as though it looks like a public market, always remember that simple and clean looks good, precision on content is the best policy. It is also wise to check up how heavy is your site, how long does it take to load, because having too much graphics can really slow down the loading time and most customers are not willing to wait for any website that takes too long to load up.

Gaining their trust

Transactions in the internet are always risky, so most people are afraid to have a transaction with people they do not know. It is your duty to assure them that they can trust you. That they are safe, that their information won’t be leaked out. The most effective way to do so is to have your site secured and accredited, earn seals and post them so that customers can see that your site can be trusted and credible enough to transact with. It also helps to have even the simplest sentence of assurance which guarantees your clients security and privacy.


Another good way to earn every visitors trust is to have a Testimonials section in which previous customers can give feed back to either their experience upon doing a transaction with your or upon using the product which they bought. You just have to make sure that they make it concise and on point. It will also be helpful if the testimonials include personal information such as a full name, address, email address, or even a photo of previous client, this way the testimonial will be credible enough for other potential customers to see. Video Testimonials are also getting famous nowadays and it has been proven to be more credible and trustworthy.


Every company or salesperson which has confidence and pride over their particular product can easily assure and guarantee their customers of Satisfaction upon buying their product, doing so will also gain the trust of every potential customer. Thus it is always a good thing to give out Warranty, a Free 30 day trial, and Money Back Guarantee to encourage new customers to try out your product. These kinds of promotion will also help boost your sales and income.

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