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Does Landing Page Design Affect Slaps?
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I have been receiving a lot of emails lately about slaps and landing page designs. Some people think that landing page design have a great effect whether you page will pass quality score and slaps. I think many people are misinformed by the fact that landing page design is not entirely affecting slaps or quality score.

We know for a fact that manual reviews are being done to every site. Affiliate sites, review sites and even established sites. These are the things that we have no control. If the person from google looked at your site and see something that is not really a legit site. They can easily ban you from the search engines in just one click. Well I guess there is some effect if you think about it. If you have a great and well designed landing page, the chance of that manual reviewer getting your site nuked is null.

But think about the mechanical part. Google is just a machine. It feeds on content. It doesn’t see if your site design is good or bad. Just feed it content and it will give you a good quality score. The misconception is that, if you have a well designed landing page, you won’t get banned ever. This is wrong… If you have good content on your site. You won’t get banned. Google slaps and quality score is affected by content and organic SEO algorithms. If you have quality content and your site is optimized for organic SEO, your landing page will have great quality score and will never be slapped.

Now that I said that,

What’s the use of having a well designed landing page?

You might be asking, if content what drives a landing page to not get slapped and receive a high quality score, what the hell is the use of having a well designed landing page?

Well my friend, the same reason why you want to make money… It’s for the conversion. Well designed landing pages should know how to stimulate emotions, capture the visitors eyes and with good copy, make the sale. On the web, people just scan pages. If they see something interesting, that’s the time they will read. Do you get what I mean? The word “SEE”. If you show them a professional, clean looking site that expresses legitimacy, sincerity and all other things that can make a sale, it is all a by product of what good design is all about.

Landing Page Design is NOT EQUAL to Google Slaps / Quality Score but is EQUAL to CONVERSION.