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How Landing Pages Affect Conversion Rates
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Landing Pages has the main purpose of converting your visitors into potential customers. Most companies prefer to use Landing Pages since they pay for their traffic so every visitor counts. Landing Pages can either be a separate website or a web page from your domain in which any ad or search engine result is linked to, it is not advisable to have those links connected to your Home Page because your visitor’s might feel mislead.

Basically you must provide your visitors with what they are looking for and them persuade them to either register/buy/avail what you offer, there are many different styles on doing so. But bear in mind that it doesn’t sound as easy as it looks, many companies are willing to pay so much money just to have a great Landing Page yet only few were successful in doing so.

Keyword is one of the important factors in link building, link building is also an important factor when creating a successful Landing Page. Hence is the statement of Google itself, since they determine what factors affects Page Rankings and the success of every Landing Page or website on the search engine:

“There is no one specific formula to determine the quality of a landing page or website. On a case-by-case basis, we will evaluate the content, structure, and navigation of a website. Keep in mind, the most relevant landing pages will include a substantial amount of content that is highly relevant to not only your choice of keywords, but also to your ad text”

“The best way to figure out whether your keyword, ad, or landing page is relevant and useful is to put yourself in the shoes of a user. Do your ad and landing page include language that makes sense in the context of the keywords you have chosen? For example, if you have selected the keyword ‘hiking shoes,’ have you made sure that your ad mentions hiking shoes or related name brands? Does your landing page actually offer the name brands you mentioned, along with detailed information about this shoe type?”

“Targeting your keywords, ads, and landing pages in this way likely will lead to several positive results. ou gain the trust of your customers and therefore keep them coming back to your site. You will also minimise the money spent on clicks from users who might not be interested in what your website offers. And finally, you can increase your overall Quality Score and lower the minimum bid necessary for your ad to appear.”

In relation to what Google said in the previous statements, here are some factors to be considered upon creating a successful Landing Page Template that will ensure your conversion:

Avoid having long Paragraphs, each should only have two to three lines at maximum. Font size and styles should also be considered, make sure that they are readable and has the right color in accordance to your Landing Page Templates style. Keep them unison and to the point.

Make sure that your Landing Page is relevant to what your visitors are looking for, bear in mind that your goal is to provide the information your visitors seek. Give them what they only needed to know. Your ads must be in contrast with your keywords so that Google can also recognize them and put you where you belong.

Plan your Attack
Conduct a research and come up with the best approach on how to deal with your visitors, this varies on every Landing Page based on what they offer and what their initial goal is. One of the best practice is to have Bullet lists that contain your product/services strong points to entice your visitor to read more of what you offer.

A Call-to-Action
This is the big button that tells the visitor what you want them to do, make sure that it is noticeable and informative. Avoid having “Click Here” and instead replace them with a short description of what will happen upon clicking the button or link.

Stick with the Facts
Do not use too much flowery words, state what your products can do and never lie in terms of what it can’t do. Honesty is the best policy.

Be persuasive to a tolerable extend, do not over do things. Good and Proper persuasiveness can lead to sales, and Too Much or Wrong can lead to Irritation which leads to your visitor quickly leaving your Landing Page with an angry and dis-satisfied face.

Keep it User Friendly
Make sure that your Landing Page is easy to digest, keep it simple enough to understand. Not everyone would have enough patience or to give some of their precious time just to fully understand your terms and how your Landing Page works.

Improve Credibility
Have a section where you can put up Testimonials, Customer Support Section, Guarantee Seals, and Certifications. Always remember that if you can’t gain the trust of your visitor, you won’t be able to get them to buy your product/service.

Remember that how your Landing Page looks can also affect your conversion rate, a professional looking and well maintained web page will most likely be able to convert more visitors than a run down and crappy looking one. Make sure that it is neat enough to entice your visitors to check out what you offer.

Have it Proof-Read
Provide a copy of your content and have it proof-read, this will ensure that your grammar is correct. You won’t be able to persuade customers to buy what you offer if you can’t express yourself in the right way using the right words.

Scheduled Maintenance and Updates
Have a schedules maintenance in order to check if your Landing Page is performing as it should be. Always update your content so that it goes in contrast with what your promos and special offers are. Remove those links that are no longer working, and always check the main ones.