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Whats A Good Landing Page Like?
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A good landing page will always contain the following elements.

  • Stunning Visuals that triggers emotion
  • Good Copy
  • Call to action

Texts vs Images

Is the written content more impotent than the visuals?

Its a balance of the page that makes the best performance. Copy is definitely important, but not long paragraphs. You really want to use bullets and then “call out” important sentences in larger text.

For visuals, the important thing is to lead the users eyeballs to the focal point of the page. If you have a lead form, you want to visually move the users eyes across the page to see that form.

If you need to explain the service or product in a long copy form, then it is okay to scroll. but you want to visually lead the user down the page and then at the end of the page have a place for them to complete your success action.

Stunning Visuals that triggers emotion

Sex sells. If you can put a beautiful woman in your landing page without coming of as trying too hard, its good. People that uses the internet most of the time just scans a page, if they find or look at something interesting, that’s the time they will read. Now, that is where your good copywriting comes in. It should seal the deal.

Good Copy

A good copy is a copy that arouses any type of emotion. Either the time constraint or lust or something that the customer will think that he will save or get something beneficial from it. Always write with the customers in mind and trigger those emotions.

Call to Action

This is where you get the $’s :). A call to action is the act of commanding or urging the customer to make an action at the end of your copy.